• Cider Report | 2013

    Consumer | 02-Dec-2013

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    The growth of packaged cider over the past five years has been impressive to say the least. Against the backdrop of an overall sluggish packaged liquor market – cider continues to post strong sales growth and gain market share. Nielsen’s 2013 Cider Report offers an in‐depth and complete analysis of how Australian cider has performed over 2012 and the first half of 2013. It examines how changes in consumer and shopper behaviour has influenced the performance of cider, and provides a competitive overview of the categories within the liquor market.

    The Comprehensive Report Addresses the Following:

    • Size and growth of the cider category
    • Cider performance in Australia compared to Great Britain and New Zealand
    • The impact cider has had on other liquor categories
    • Cider consumption trends across Australian states
    • Performance of key cider brands
    • Evolution of different cider flavours, place of origin, pack sizes, and pack configuration
    • Ad spend on cider and change versus previous year
    • Demographic profile and consumption behaviour of the average cider consumer
    • Cider consumption in on‐premise versus off‐premise markets
    • Analysis of number of brand facings in retail outlets

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