• Trends in Gaming on the Smartphone

    Emerging Asia, Mobile | 14-Nov-2014

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    The Indian Smartphone space is flooding with homegrown as well as international Gaming Apps. As much as 11 hours are spent every month on Gaming Apps by a Smartphone user as per Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, which collects actual usage data from smartphone panels in multiple countries, bringing you an accurate understanding of smartphone behavior. See what has driven this level of mobile engagement for the category.


    • Popularity and Engagement of Gaming Apps: Get to know how penetrated the gaming apps are among smartphone users, how much they engage them and usage differences based on age, gender, town class and handset price band.
    • Top Gaming Genres: Understand which are the most popular gaming categories on the smartphone at an overall level and which properties are most engaging.
    • Trended Usage of the Gaming Genre
    • Top Gaming Apps and App Installations
    • Hourly usage of Gaming Genre throughout the day
    • Life cycle of Gaming Apps
    • Trended penetration and engagement of Top Gaming Apps

    Gain a deeper understanding of the usage of the Gaming genre. How have usage patterns on Gaming Apps trended in the last few months? How does usage vary with Age, Gender, Network and Handset Price Band? Which are the Top Gaming Apps trending in India?

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    Vishal Kamath - Vishal.Kamath@nielsen.com or Prithvi Raj - Prithvi.Raj@nielsen.com


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