• Nielsen Media Pulse | North America 1H 2019 - Traditional Media Disrupter

    Consumer, Retail | 01-Feb-2019

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    Despite the abundance of data available today, the need to make fast and insightful business decisions remains. Nielsen’s Media Pulse is a series of one-page reports highlighting key technology and content trends shaping the media industry. Each piece tells a cohesive story based on multiple Nielsen datasets and offers a guide to how marketers and media specialists can take action now.

    Nielsen’s Media Pulse is a bi-annual publication, covering six trends with the opportunity to add additional analysis tailored to a topic of your choice.

    In Media Pulse 1H 2019, we delved into the topics below that are critical to the growth of the media industry.

    Nielsen’s Media Pulse Topics - 1H 2019:

    Deconstructing Stereotypes: Women Are Mobile Era’s Alpha Tech Users
    ● Importance of mobile device features by gender
    ● Time spent on mobile device by gender

    Staying Attuned to Diverse Preferences: Power of Multicultural Consumer Grows
    ● US population generation breakdown by ethnicity
    ● Time spent across media platforms and devices by ethnicity

    Traditional Media Disrupter: OTT Access Rising with Continued Growth Expected
    ● Quarterly growth among households, 2016-2018
    ● Subscription drivers

    The Gap in 5G Communications
    ● Average time spent on media devices per day
    ● Attitudes towards 5G technology

    Connected Television Consumers: Increased Attention to Streaming on TV
    ● YOY lift in households with multiple connected TVs
    ● Connected TV device usage: frequency and reach across age groups

    How Social Media Engagement Signals E-Commerce Success
    ● A connection between social media use and e-commerce spend levels
    ● Average engagement per type of owned media post

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