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    Youth often are change agents as well as shapers of cultures and times, and therefore, markets and marketing. The near 15 Million Egyptian Youth in the 15-30 age cohorts form a force of huge potential impact both “Cultural” and “Commercial”. Nielsen launches its syndicated offering on Egypt Youth, the ‘imagine Youth Survey 2014’. A first of a kind inquest into youth lives, passions and aspirations, the imagine Youth report is an informative journey of youth insights and trends which will be shaping the future market and culture in Egypt.

    Table of Contents
    The report is a balanced combination of exploratory, empirical and conclusive insights about the Egyptian Youth segment. The report is based on the 3 forces of influence:

    Psycho-individual aspect which details “my view of myself” unearthing dreams, aspirations, gratifications sought, value & definers of freedom, happiness, money, religion and technology, their concerns and fears
    Socio-cultural aspects uncover traditions, values, perception of self in society, cultural priorities against personal advancement, and their view regarding gender parity, societal changes
    Lifestyle aspect zooms in on time and money trade-offs, analysing their spending patterns and consumer category preferences and behaviour

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