• Nielsen Category Forecast 2014-2016 – Instant Noodles_India

    Emerging Asia, Consumer | 13-Nov-2014

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    Planning for the next few years is always a big and exciting challenge for marketers. Will my category grow faster than the previous year or will it slow down, what should my sales targets be? What are the drivers of sales, how can I leverage them? These are questions which marketers have to grapple with. See what’s in store with the Nielsen Forecasting Solution, which will help you strategize and execute better for the coming years.


    • Category Overview: See what is the lay of the land - what have been the category growth rates over time, past trends, and key insights about the category.
    • Sales Forecast: What will be the volume growth rates for the next 2 years? Get growth figures for 2014, 2015, and 2016.
    • Drivers of Sales:
    • Get to know the key drivers of category sales.
    • Contribution of macro-economic factors like GDP, employment rates, inflation etc.
    • Contribution of marketing factors like availability, pricing, innovation among others.
    • Action Areas for Marketers:
    • Understand which factors are playing a key role.
    • Deep dive into the factors to identify opportunities for growth.

    For any other query on this report contact:

    AJR Vasu - Ajr.Vasu@nielsen.com or Arjun Trehan - Arjun.Trehan@nielsen.com


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